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Race 4 Rewards – Adam’s World Club

Target Age: 4-7 years
Dates: Mondays thru Fridays, April 12 thru May 11
Time: 4-4:30pm (Eastern Daylight Time)

Teachers LOVE Islam and our students!

Our host teachers bring excitement to the study of Islam with engaging stories, songs, games, art projects, and cooking demonstrations. It is invaluable to have great role models who are practicing Islam and nurturing friendships with other Muslim children. Join them online during Ramadan as they encourage students to Race 4 Rewards!

Lessons PROVIDE a great foundation!

Ramadan is a special time of year and a GREAT opportunity to learn fundamental lessons about Islam. To help children understand the significance of this blessed month we will be focusing on five particular areas of study throughout each week:

  • Monday – Seeking Guidance from the Quran
  • Tuesday – Getting to Know Allah
  • Wednesday – Learning from the Prophets
  • Thursday – Worshiping in the Best Manner
  • Friday – Finding Nourishment for Body and Soul

Students ENJOY learning!

Our programs make learning about Islam meaningful and relevant to everyday life. Children can learn about their deen and have fun while doing so! We see their enthusiasm every day, but don’t just talk our word for it. See what our parents have to say …

Ibraheem from Wylie, Texas USA

“From the time my six-year-old son Ibraheem joined the Adam’s World Club til today, he looks forward to the upcoming classes. All his teachers do an amazing job … they make it a point to listen and interact … it was through the AWC Food Drive that Ibraheem learned the importance of taking part in giving to others.”

from his mother Afsheen

“The Sound Vision classes have been really beneficial for my family, Alhamdulillah. My kids started attending the program during the pandemic and it has really helped them grow spiritually. It’s really important important to keep kids positively engaged and give them good role models to look up to.”

from their mother Rukaiya in Calgary, Alberta CANADA

Shabab from South Bend, Indiana USA

“AWC classes offer Shabab, soon-to-be-6-years-old son, the best motivation and a better upbringing during his early childhood and will hopefully enable him to become a good human being while also being a devoted servant of Allah SWT. He loves his teachers, organizers, and the staff who are responsible for the program. Keep up the great work, mas’as salamah!”

from his parents Marium and Helal

Extra resources MULTIPLY opportunities!

Work online will be enhanced with art projects, cooking demonstrations, and additional exercises that extend learning opportunities outside of the classroom. Detailed art supplies lists and instructions, recipes, and worksheets will be made available in advance of the related classroom activity. The preparation not only facilitates logistics but builds excitement around Islamic content.

Race 4 Rewards Good Deed Challenge

In our Race 4 Rewards we are excited to offer a special Good Deed Challenge to our students. A list of 30 good deeds will be provided and students will be encouraged to complete as many as they can. They can chart daily progress on our Good Deed Challenge game board when an act is performed. Students who complete their game board by the last day of Ramadan will be recognized with a certificate and a prize! Of course, the biggest reward for their efforts will be from Allah SWT!

Tuition Fees MAKE it afforable!

$99 per family (22 amazing classes in all!)

Scholarships are also available for families in need. Complete the scholarship application at to be considered for financial assistance.

Scholarships are also available for families in need. Contact for more details and an application.

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