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Colors of Islam Club's Kahoot!

Islamic Quiz for Kids | POWERED BY SOUND VISION

For 8-12 year olds from anywhere in the world

You win and your school wins!
$5000 in prizes!


Game 1
Dec 25th – $640 in Amazon Gift Cards

Game 2
Jan 17th – $640 in Amazon Gift Cards

Game 3 (Finalist Tournament)
Feb 7th – $2870 in Amazon Gift Cards

Plus other prizes for Top 10 winners!

Extended Deadline to sign up for Game 1
Dec 20th 2020
(All practice materials provided!)

Better Muslims Neighbors Citizens

Quran, Sunnah, Math & Science

How can Nonprofits, mosques and Islamic Schools win?

Download the PDF guidelines above to get details.

Got questions?

Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions!

Put simply, a Kahoot is a kind of interactive multiple choice islamic quiz for kids platform where the teacher asks a question and participants have a few seconds to respond to the question by tapping or clicking the right option on their phones, tablets or computers. At the end of the game the score is counted based on how many right answers a person gave and how quickly they were able to do it. For more info, watch this video explanation.

We’ve organized this series of tournaments using the Kahoot platform and the topics will cover Quran, Sunnah, Mathematics and Science.

8 to 12 year-olds from around the world.

In total, there’s $5000 in prizes spread out across 3 tournaments and prizes for the top 10 winners.

The extended deadline to apply for the first game is Dec 20th, 2020.

Download the PDF Guidelines above for more information.

Game 1: Dec 25th
$260 in Amazon Gift Cards

Game 2: Jan 17th
$260 in Amazon Gift Cards

Game 3 (Finalist Tournament): Feb 7th
$770 in Amazon Gift Cards

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