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About the class

The Colors of Islam Club provides children ages 8-12 with unique online learning opportunities.  Our hosts encourage children to explore the world they live in from an uniquely Islamic perspective.  The class challenges students to build on what they already know about Islam and take it to a new level of understanding.  By using comedy, music, stories, crafts, and fun activities we can integrate Muslim principles and guidance into everyday activities and promote the deen as a wholesome way of life.

Upon receipt, registrants will receive a confirmation and credentials for the Zoom call.

Streaming Schedule

Weekends (Saturday and Sunday) from 12-1pm EDT

Who this is for

The class is ideally suited for children aged 8-12. Additionally it is also suitable for and children and young adults on the autism spectrum. Parents, of course, are welcome to be a part of it by watching it with their children and giving us much needed feedback and suggestions.

Featured Hosts

Baba Ali

Baba Ali has arguably become the Muslim world's first Internet celebrity with his video blogs which have been broadcast all over the world. His work has been covered by numerous media outlets including the NY Times, USA Today, and the BBC. HIs teaching style is unique, engaging, and challenges his students to think critically so they can be strong Muslims.

This could be you

We're always scouting for great Muslim talent and if you think you or someone you know would be a good fit for this role, please feel free to reach out to Sr. Zahirah Eppard at This role is great opportunity for anyone who is passionate about to inspiring and positively influencing the next generation of Muslims.

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