Are your children bored?

Sound Vision has a solution!

Top-notch artists join trained teachers to reinvent Islamic weekend school with interactive, engaging and activity-based classes for Muslim Children, everywhere!

Quran  Seerah  Love  Adab • Halal

Parents report
that their children are

Eager to attend

their next class

Loving the Seerah

of the Prophet (sws)

Applying lessons

in their daily lives

Understanding Halal

and its importance

Learning about Quran

and stories of the prophets (as)

Calling other students

their friends

Learning Islamic manners

through relatable examples

More confident

about themselves and Islam

Mimicking teachers

and their beautiful character

Referring to lessons

even outside of class time

Cherishing the artwork

they create in class

Excited to learn

more about Islam everyday

And the parents?
they are


to have good role models to turn to for their kids


along with their children and bonding with them


to reinforce the lessons taught in class, at home


all their friends to attend these classes

Very happy

to have found these amazing resources

But don't just take our word for it
here's what parents are saying

We take traditional knowledge
and deliver it in an engaging way

The Prophet (sws) taught people at their level and our teachers are doing the same thing

These programs have all of the elements of classic Islamic Studies coursework.  There is foundational content about Allah, the pillars of Islam and Iman, the stories of the prophets, Quranic references, Islamic history, and more. What is different is the style of delivery. 

We believe that children will be more curious and excited about learning if you engage them with what they love – storytelling, songs, art projects, cooking, and connecting with children who are like them.

Our students are enthusiastic to come to class every day because it is fun. That they are also learning about Islam is important to us but actually secondary to them. It is a natural, wholesome way to learn about Islam as a way of life.

If we make these faithful connections, it is our hope, inshaAllah, that these children will stay curious and excited about learning about Islam throughout their lives and in turn also be interested in sharing the beauty of this religion with others.

By raising better Muslims, better neighbors, and better citizens will can bring about the change that we want to see in this world.

Our teachers aren't just capable
they care deeply

Our little creators have made
some big artwork!

And that’s not all. Not only are the student projects fun and artistic, but they also help instill confidence, creativity, good manners, social responsibility and a strong Muslim identity into our students’ personalities.

Pick the club that's right for you
limited spots available!

Adam's World Club

Mondays – Thursdays from 4-5pm (EST) 
Targeted age is 4-7 years

Colors of Islam Club

Saturdays from 12N-1:30pm (EST)
Targeted age is 8-12 years

Scholarship, fee, schedule and other information is also available once you select a club

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